Friends I Meet: A Friend from Kharrobeh

A Friend from Kharrobeh
11th November, 2016. Friends I meet: Today Issa Abdol Rahman Daher — driven from their home village Kharrobeh ( located between Ramla and Lod ) (no remnants of the village left – area renamed Harubeit – ) in 1948 where their grandfather owned over 400 dunnams ( quarter acres) they fled to Jerrico . His brother aged 3 died there – He told me the death toll among the displaced Palestinians was terrible from disease and starvation. 750,000 were displaced in the Israeli war of independence . They settled in the refugee camp in Jordan — later Issa came back to Jerusalem – Beit Isxa ( Biddu enclave ) only to be excluded from East Jerusalem by the construction of the wall . Now he lives with his wife at the Palm Hostel as the only way to retain Jerusalem residency (he is not Israeli citizenship) He has a Jordanian Passport. A kind and gentle man he believes peace eventually will come through the fall of the Israeli empire.A Friend from Kharrobeh


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