The Elor Azaria Case

UPDATE: Elor Azaria received a sentence of 18 months for this murder and is presently appealing the conviction. Read this Al Jazeera Article for more information.  The Elor Azaria  case is tearing Israel apart. This is the case of a young medic named Elor Azaria who shot an unarmed Palestinian, Abdel Fattah al-Sharif, while he lay … Continue reading The Elor Azaria Case


Uri Avnery – believes Peace is Possible

Uri Avnery’s wisdom gives me hope. I have felt for a long time that, only the establishment of a free and independent, self governing, State of Palestine will bring about an end to the Israel Palestine conflict. But the establishment of such a State would necessarily require 2 things:  an end to the belligerent Occupation … Continue reading Uri Avnery – believes Peace is Possible